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The Flemish AI Academy was founded by the Flemish Government to prepare and support the Flemish work force for the transformations AI will bring to their profession. We want to ensure that the Flemish don’t ‘simply’ undergo this new development, but face it in an informed and expert manner.

Bart de Moor, Chairman Flemish AI Academy

What we do


The Flemish AI Academy tackles the Flemish imbalance between the excellent AI expertise and top AI research in the Flemish universities, colleges and strategic research centers on the one hand and the limited knowledge of applied AI among young researchers and professionals in the business world, government and non-profit on the other. Our aim is to unlock the expertise in the research institutions so it can flow towards the work force of our society. In this way we help ensure the economic competitiveness of Flanders in the future.

The Flemish AI Academy is part of the pillar ‘Awareness, training and ethical framework’ of the Flemish AI Policy Plan which the Flemish Government unfolded in 2020. The Academy started its activities in 2021.

Innovation indicators of Flanders compared to European average

spider chart of innovation indicators compared to European average
According to the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) and the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) Flanders scores higher than the European average on all innovation indicators, except for lifelong learning and, to a lesser extent, design application. Source: Flanders Department of Economy, Science & Innovation, 2021

The Vlaamse AI Academie (VAIA): subsidy & work plan 2021-2022

Decision by Flanders’ Ministerial Council of 16 July 2021

With Flanders’ Policy Plan for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Flanders joins the international trend to drastically invest in all technologies that resort under the collective name of AI. In this context, last year the Vlaamse AI Academie (VAIA) was created. The Flemish Governemnt now provides further support in 2021-2022 for the training component of VAIA, for the Doctoral Schools in Flanders and Lifelong Learning. It also approves the work plan of VAIA for 2021-2022, which specifies the objectives and instruments to be taken in use. The government also approves the budgets, allocation and management by the steering committee of VAIA, approves a follow-up grant for VAIA and the coordination and coordinating role of the chairman of VAIA with regard to the future training initiatives related to AI that might see light in the recovery plan ‘Flemish Resiliency’ (Vlaamse Veerkracht), with the goal of preventing and avoiding duplication of Flemish training initiatives in AI.

as proposed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Flemish Government, Hilde Crevits