AI-based Intelligent and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems

6 May 2021, 13-14.30h
online webinar, Flanders Make

This ‘How can AI leverage Smart Manufacturing’ webinar highlights AI methods to make an  easy reconfigurable machine / AGV in production floor to deal with variable production missions and variable products.

In current production shop floors, (fleet of) production machines and AGVs form a full manufacturing system with a high degree of automation. These current manufacturing systems need to deal with high variability of products and production tasks. Every task, however, requires a proper reconfiguration & control that is often done manually requiring complex settings and long configuration time. AI techniques can be used to make the reconfiguration of these systems to deal with a new task more intuitive and faster.

In this webinar we will present two cases that will make manufacturing systems more intelligent: one case where data is used from other machines to quickly configure new machines, and a second case where an industrial vehicle is controlled through speech linked with image recognition. In both cases an important constraint is to learn the task at hand with as little customized data as possible.

Artificial Intelligence as Key Enabler for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Transition

‘How can AI leverage Smart Manufacturing?’ is a series of 3 webinars, targeting an industrial audience, in which we demonstrate and discuss AI as key enabler for Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 transition. Each webinar is self-contained and does not depend on the other webinars.

Industry 4.0 Becomes a Reality

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart manufacturing systems become integral research areas where researchers from academia and industries are working towards next generation intelligent smart manufacturing applications.

The Flanders AI Research Program is a full program where AI research is performed in different domain areas including Industry 4.0.

In cooperation with different research teams in the program, Flanders Make, the strategic research center of the manufacturing industry in Flanders, is developing proofs of concepts to demonstrate how AI can be introduced in manufacturing to make it smarter and Industry 4.0 compliant.


  • 29 April 2021, 13-14.30h
  • Location: online
  • Language: Engels
  • Target audience: industrial audience


  • Price: participation is free, but registration is requested

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