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high-quality scientific lectures on several current hot AI topics

AIDA is very pleased to offer you high-quality scientific lectures on several current hot AI topics.

Lectures are offered alternatingly by:

  • Top highly-cited senior AI scientists internationally or
  • Junior AI scientists with the promise of excellence (AI sprint lectures)

The lecture will last 60 minutes (45 minutes plus questions). Questions should be oral at the end of the talk by using the ‘Raise hand’ button.

Coming soon:

Digital Pathology: On the intersect of Computer Vision and Data Science

Due to the proliferation of whole-slide-imaging (WSI) digital scanners it is now possible to leverage computer vision, image analysis, and machine learning techniques, such as deep learning to process the digital pathology images in hopes to derive, diagnosis and prognosis markers. The convergence of digital imaging, data science and pathology gave rise to a new research area known as digital pathology. Digital pathology greatly enhances diagnostic accuracy and allows a variety of pathology tasks to be completed with greater efficiency. This presentation will offer a general introduction to the topic, it will outline and discuss imaging tasks needed for the successful implementation of a digital pathology pipeline, and it will offer overview and insights on how data-driven solutions such as deep neural networks can be used to derive markers from digital pathology slides. It will also be shown that a diagnostic system that combines deep learning and prior histological knowledge can provide useful diagnostic/prognostic markers. Lastly, open research issues and implementation challenges will be briefly discussed.


Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Bell Canada Chair in Multimedia, is a Professor with the ECE Department at the University of Toronto. His current research interests are: machine learning, adaptive systems & pattern recognition, image & signal processing, communications systems, and big data analytics. He is a registered professional engineer in Ontario, Fellow of the IEEE and Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada. Dr. Plataniotis was the IEEE Signal Processing Society inaugural Vice President for Membership (2014-2016) and the General Co-Chair for the IEEE GlobalSIP 2017 (November 2017, Montreal, Q.C.). He co-chairs the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2018), October 7-10, 2018, Athens Greece, and the 2021 IEEE International Conference in Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2021), Toronto, ON, Canada.


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  • Target audience: PhD-onderzoekers


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