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When employed adequately, AI can make production processes leaner and faster, and organisations more efficient. As the AI Revolution gains speed, more and more organisations are looking to hop on the wagon and implement AI-technologies or increase the number of existing AI-applications. But what is already possible today? How far do some of the leading companies in Flanders stand with regard to AI? 

Perhaps you are curious to hear first hand how companies deal with AI-related challenges and opportunities. Or you would like to hear the stories of AI-professionals in order to get a clearer idea of what is possible today, and what is not. In this series of inspirational talks, you will be offered a glimpse behind the scenes of leading companies and their current AI-projects on the one hand, and (re)visit a number of key concepts such as Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing and Image Processing. 

Webinar 1 (23 April)
From air flows to data flows – Renson’s IoT story so far

Lecturer: Steven Vandekerckhove (R&D manager digital innovation at Renson)

Renson has started investing in the development of connected devices for the HVAC industry in 2016. In the meantime, Renson has over ten thousand installed devices that stream live data related to indoor air quality and indoor comfort to the Renson cloud. This data is used to strengthen Renson’s product leadership position in the market and prepare for product-service offerings. 

In this webinar, Steven will sketch Renson’s IoT story from his point of view, which changed from being the first big data analyst at Renson, becoming the team lead for a data analytics team, and currently being the R&D manager for digital innovation. During this story, a selection of learnings from the following topics will be addressed:

  • Why Renson is investing in connected device;
  • How Renson got started with IoT and data analytics;
  • Some significant advancements in the Renson cloud and data architecture;
  • What the Renson R&D department for Digital Innovation looks like and why;
  • The impact of becoming a more digital company outside the R&D department;
  • Some things we learned from the data we collected and how we did it;
  • Remarks on GDPR and related legal aspects

Webinar 2 (30 April):
 AI and Language 

Lecturer: Deevid De Meyer, co-founder of an AI/Deep Learning “as a service” start-up called Brainjar (Cronos Groep) currently runs a growing team of full-stack AI engineers. 

In this webinar, Deevid De Meyer gives an overview of the quick rise of Natural Language Processing. Deevid will address the technical background of this evolution by discussing “Transformer networks”. He also zooms in on the applications and implications of language-AI such as fake news, interactive storytelling or automatic business translations.

Webinar 3 (7 May): 
AI in healthcare applications: challenges and opportunities

Artificial intelligence algorithms are increasingly being used in various industries. In the healthcare sector as well, more and more AI algorithms appear in regular clinical practice. This webinar will focus on some of the specific aspects of AI algorithms in healthcare. Very high reliability requirements and strict privacy regulations create additional challenges that need to be tackled. But at the same time potential benefits of AI in healthcare are highly significant. Throughout the webinar a practical example will be used where AI algorithms are applied to improve skin imaging. Lecturer Tom Kimpe is Barco’s Healthcare Vice President Technology & Innovation. He is an expert in (medical) display technology, image and signal processing, image quality modelling, network technology and medical regulatory aspects.


  • Online webinar series
  • Date: 23 April, 30 April & 7 May 2021, 9-11u
  • Language: English
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  • Price: €100

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