Prophecy Labs

Are you ready for an AI-driven world?

AI is a buzzword that you are hearing more of everyday. It seems that every product or consultancy is offering you some sort of AI based service. As a decision maker you need to understand the impact that AI will have on your organization. In this 5 module AI4Business training we help decision makers by explaining concrete use cases and help them ideate how AI can be used within their organization.

Participants should leave the course with a broad overview of how AI is applied in the real world as well as the basic tools for planning their own company’s AI roadmap. This course was in part funded by a grant from ESF-Vlaanderen.


  1. What is AI?
  2. How to create value with AI?
  3. How to structure an AI project?
  4. How to develop AI?
  5. What is AI governance?


  • Target audience: decision makers, managers & executives