Creating Business Value with AI and Big Data

from 25 October 2021, Brussels
6 day course
Vlerick Business School

Machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, cloud and modern data platforms… They all have immense potential for your organisation. But how do you make them work for you? 

Why this programme

  • Identify new business opportunities associated with advanced data and analytics technologies
  • Develop a data and analytics strategy for your organisation 
  • Understand the principles of artificial intelligence techniques and recognise the business advantages and limitations of AI
  • Discover tools to operationalise your data and analytics strategy
  • Communicate and collaborate better with technical colleagues including data scientists and engineers 
  • Champion AI and big data projects


This programme blends essential business, analytics and technology knowledge to empower you to take the lead on AI and big data. 

Over six thought-provoking days, you’ll learn approaches that you can implement immediately to create real impact in your organisation. With a combination of on-campus and online learning, you’ll discover how to enhance your company’s decision making – and develop a strategy that you can implement immediately.

Module 1: Data and Analytics Strategy

  • Develop a data and analytics strategy that supports your organisation’s digital transformation
  • Get inspired by state-of-the-art AI and big data applications that create value in multiple industries 
  • Identify data-driven innovations for your organisation
  • Manage analytical teams and projects

Module 2: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics

  • Discover machine learning
  • Explore decision automation
  • Understand network analysis
  • Learn about natural Language Processing
  • Dive into deep (reinforcement) learning 

Module 3: Operationalising AI and Big Data

  • Discover how to collect and integrate multiple data sources
  • Learn to integrate big data technology with existing data infrastructure
  • Understand how to leverage high-velocity data
  • Demonstrate the value of data governance

Module 4: Cultivating Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

  • Discover how to win customer buy-in by dealing with ethics and privacy in a big data world
  • Learn to facilitate collaboration around AI and big data projects with internal stakeholders
  • Explore how to promote data savviness within your organisation 

Your personal data-driven project 

Across a period of two months you’ll work on a personal data-driven idea, innovation, project or strategy. You’ll receive valuable feedback from your peers on your project – and you’ll get support from expert Vlerick faculty.

On-campus day 

This day will give you an opportunity to share the challenges and successes of your project with your fellow participants – and get their feedback and support.


  • from 25 October 2021
  • Location: Brussels
  • Language: English
  • Target Group: management level
  • Contact: Astrid Peyskens


  • Price: €5.495 (VAT excl.)

Ready to get started?

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