Data Analysis

Academic year 2021-2022

The power of data and the information therein is entering the heart of almost any section of society. We are discovering that processes can be better understood and controlled, predictions made, causal effects estimated and decisions optimized.

Reliable results follow when studies have been appropriately designed, data carefully gathered and analyzed. Scientists and professionals stay ahead if they keep learning from their data. They add tremendously to their market value when data analytic skills merge their subject matter expertise.


To prepare for ‘big data’ in tomorrow’s world and to face the facts with statistical skills, the Ghent Center for Statistics joins the Institute for Continuing Education of the Faculty of Sciences (ICES) to organize their yearly series of targeted training modules.

We aim to provide insight in the basics of statistical research while developing the technical skills to come to results with statistical software. Blended learning with hands-on sessions on PC’s or laptops allows participants to gain firsthand experience in applying the knowledge.

Target audience

Our courses target professionals and the academically trained, who wish to become confident data analysts, refresh their knowledge or discover new areas of research. The program’s modular architecture facilitates flexible entry and adaptive training trajectories.

Program 2020-2021

The program has a modular architecture to facilitate flexible entry and training trajectories. All modules are planned as on campus courses. However, we live in uncertain times with the corona pandemic still very present in our lives. If the conditions and government and university measures are such that a course cannot take place ‘live’ in all safety it will be offered as an online course instead.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, the program offers basic modules which lay a foundation of statistical knowledge and techniques. We give a basic as well as intermediate course in R, the versatile freeware package that gains ground in all domains. Furthermore we offer a basic courses in Python. New this year is a one day ‘Introduction to NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis’.

More specialized courses follow: a two-part course on ‘Extensions to the Design and Analysis of Case-Control Studies’, ‘Survival Analysis and Competing Risks’, ‘Multilevel Analysis for Grouped and Longitudinal Data’, ‘Machine Learning with Python’ and ‘Proteomics’. A course on ‘Propensity Score Methods’ completes this year’s program.


  • academic year 2021-2022
  • Location: Gent
  • Language: English
  • Degree: Certificate of UGent
  • Target group: professionals and academics

Ready to get started?

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