Defensive Programming and Debugging

online semi-open cursus

Learn how to identify and solve software bugs in your code

Want to improve your ability to identify and fix bugs in code?

On this course, you’ll discover how to reduce bugs during software development. You’ll learn with examples in both C and Fortran programming languages and understand how to catch bugs early using compiler features and writing tests for your code.

You’ll learn to find the bugs in your code using the best tools available including debuggers and code analysers. You’ll also look at parallel programs and explore tools for debugging parallel code at scale.

By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident writing high-quality and clean code.

  • Defensive programming: the use of good coding style, documentation strategies and good code testing
  • Preventing bugs: how to use compiler flags and static code checkers to identify bugs in an early stage
  • Finding bugs: debugging concepts and technics
  • Using the debugging tools GDB and Valgrind to fix serial programs
  • Debugging parallel code: using Intel Inspector and ITAC
Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE), an international non-profit association seated in Brussels


  • online tutorial
  • time: 5 weken (4u/week)


  • Price: min. free (7 weeks free access)
  • Language: English
  • Target group: persons with some knowledge of programming

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