Elements of AI

Permanent Online
Reaktor, University of Helsinki and KU Leuven

Do you wonder what impact AI can have on your work or life?
Do you want to know what AI really means and how it will be?
Do you want to understand how AI will develop in the coming years and what effect it will have on us?

Elements of AI is a free online course from Reaktor, the University of Helsinki and KU Leuven. We want to encourage as many people as possible to learn what AI is, what is possible with AI and what is not, and how AI capabilities can become. The course consists of theory and practical exercises. You can determine your own pace.

The academic partners in Belgium are KU Leuven and UCLouvain. The FPS Policy and Support, AI4Belgium, and its partners are responsible for promoting this course to the general public.



  • Free
  • Target group: everybody

Ready to get started?

All practical information can be found at the website www.elementsofai.be.