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A small sampling of the wide range of materials available to help you understand, practice and promote the responsible use of artificial intelligence

From healthcare to warfare, the rapid embrace of artificial intelligence in nearly every sector of society is raising important legalsocial and ethical concerns. The potential benefits of this powerful technology are enormous. But so are the risks. In order to create a future that will maximize the benefits and minimize the risks, we need to be informed and involved.

  • Teachers need an awareness of how AI intersects with their discipline and a curriculum to explain the ethical issues to students.
  • Technology teams need tools to help them develop AI software that is safe, trustworthy and transparent.
  • Citizens and lawmakers need guidelines to help them engage in an educated discussion about public policy for AI.

Explore AI Ethics is a curated directory of educational resources for teaching and learning about the ethics of artificial intelligence. Organized and searchable by both topic and category, each page contains either a short excerpt from the resource, a press release, a video, or in cases where permission has been granted, the full text.

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