From data to optimal processes and decisions

All-in mastery course on demand

In this comprehensive course you learn to look at your own company from different perspectives. From value propositions and business model design, towards modelling of processes, data and decisions, we come to identify and define valuable data analytics projects in your company.

Successful AI adoption is mainly determined by companies’ capacity to make the transition from business challenge to technology. It is important that one always starts from the strategic needs and opportunities of the company and then translates this into an appropriate and concrete AI project, including a clear business case. To achieve this, the company needs support at different levels. This training program focuses on two target groups that are essential for successful AI adoption.

The first target group consists of the top managers who are responsible for the decision whether or not to take AI into account in an organisation, and addresses: 

  • Strategy & Awareness
  • Organisation and Operating Model
  • Ethics
  • Key success factors for successful AI implementation

The second target group consists of middle managers and change agents who will be the driving force behind the AI ​​adoption and the accompanying digital transformation. A training course is provided for this target group that focuses on the following aspects.

  • AI Techniques
  • AI Portfolio management
  • Capabilities
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Processing
  • Change management
  • Business Case

This training program is developed together with and supported by ESF (read more about our projects).

Hands-on master classes

In order to train people for the implementation of data projects, we offer a number of hands-on master classes on specific themes. During these master classes we will learn a number of more technical skills that can be useful when processing your data. The exact content of the master class is coordinated in advance with your specific needs and is variable in terms of both duration and price. Below you can find a non-exhaustive list of topics on which we provide tailor-made masterclasses. Contact us for more information, or share your specific needs for training with us. 

  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data visualisation
  • Process analytics
  • Data modelling
  • Machine learning for business purposes


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