From regulating data, algorithms and AI to enabling fundamental rights: turning technology regulation inside out

Joris van Hoboken, University of Brussels and University of Amsterdam
29 November 2021, online
Seminar Series ‘Sense & Sensibility of AI

This seminar is cancelled due to illness of the speaker. We are very sorry and hope to see you at the next seminar!

Professor Van Hoboken looks at the conditions for protecting fundamental rights in relation to data-intensive services and information systems.

The EU is moving ahead with a whole series of regulatory initiatives in the area of data governance, algorithms and artificial intelligence. In the discussions about these topics and initiatives, relevant technologies are often approached in an abstract, self-standing manner. What then can remain in the background are the specific ways in which these technologies and related organizational practices end up in our world in the first place, as well as the way in which this impacts the way in which effective regulation can be operationalized. Building on his paper with dr. Guerses ‘Privacy after the Agile Turn’ and what Julie Cohen has called ‘Turning Privacy Inside Out’, this talk will look at the conditions for protecting fundamental rights in relation to data-intensive services and information systems. To make this turn, it is necessary to look at the particular ways and logics of production of services and information systems that are shaped by larger trends like the emergence of cloud and mobile computing and the platform economy and the particular challenges and opportunities of protecting fundamental rights in these environments.

Joris Van Hoboken

Joris Van Hoboken

Joris van Hoboken is a Professor of Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) and an Associate Professor at the Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam. He works on the intersection of fundamental rights protection (privacy, freedom of expression, non-discrimination) and the regulation of platforms and internet services. At the VUB, he is appointed to the Chair ‘Fundamental Rights and Digital Transformation’, established at the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Law Science Technology & Society (LSTS), with the support of Microsoft. Previously, Van Hoboken worked at the Information Law Institute (ILI) at New York University Law School, the NYU Stern Center for Business & Human Rights and CornellTech. Van Hoboken obtained his PhD from the University of Amsterdam on the topic of search engines and freedom of expression (2012) and has graduate degrees in Law (2006, University of Amsterdam, cum laude) and Theoretical Mathematics (2002, University of Amsterdam, cum laude).


  • 29 November 2021, 11-12h
  • Location: online
  • Contact: Laura Alonso
  • Language: English
  • Target audience: researchers with insight into the technical aspects of AI and machine learning


  • Prerequisites: master degree
  • Price: free

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Sense & Sensibility of AI

Seminar series on AI Ethics:
Fairness, Privacy, Trustworthiness

AI has an increasing influence on our daily lives, examples include automated decision-making for high-stake decisions such as mortgages and loans, automated risk assessments for bail or recommenders on the internet. These AI systems carry the risk of creating filter bubbles and polarization. While AI is being rolled out into society, the discussion on how AI-based systems may align with and even affect our values, is pushed to the forefront. We gave the computer senses, but how can we give it sensibility? It requires a multi-disciplinary view, where both technical and non-technical perspectives have a prominent place.

In our lecture series ‘Sense & Sensibility of AI,’ we aim for Ph.D. Students to learn about the different aspects of Ethics in AI, not only to become aware of them but also to learn about the impact of AI on society and about methodologies to identify, assess, and possibly address ethical issues. The monthly seminars tackle subjects such as bias and fairness, privacy, trustworthiness, balancing technical, social, and regulatory perspectives.

The series is targeted towards doctoral students working in the broad field of AI and data science. To understand the lectures in full, it may be required to have a background in the technical aspects of AI/machine learning.

Sense & Sensibility of AI is a seminar series developed by Flemish AI Academy in collaboration and with the support of all our partners, all universities in Flanders, and Knowledge Center Data & Society.