Learning AI (serious games)

Five day gamified and human-centered AI Training
VUB Artificial Intelligence Research Group

An innovative training aimed to achieve the acceptance of AI in companies through a game approach.

This inclusive AI Training program tries to reach underrepresented groups in AI such as women who often represent no more than 10 to 15% in AI and/or machine learning, as well as non-technical profiles.

We want to do this by using serious gaming in addition to cognitive knowledge transfer, thus stimulating a group dynamic around AI in companies.

  • PLAY – serious games to experience what AI is.
  • LEARN – workshops for a non-technical audience.
  • DEVELOP – hands-on exercises.


  1. Welcome & introduction to AI
  2. How does it work (1/2)
  3. How does it work (2/2)
  4. History and opportunities
  5. Use case, limitations and wrap-up


  • on demand at your own location
  • Contact: Anne Snel (anne.snel@vub.be)
  • Language: English or Dutch
  • Target audience: underrepresented groups in AI/machine learning and non-technical profiles

Ready to get started?

All practical information, screenshots and details can be found on the training page of VUB AI Research Group