Political and clerical networks in the Middle Ages: new insights in medieval history with the help of digital methods

26 May 2021
online seminar

„L’historien de demain sera programmeur ou il ne sera plus.“ – “The historian of tomorrow will be a programmer or he will not be at all.”

Emanuel LeRoy Ladurie

In 1968, the famous French historian Emanuel LeRoy Ladurie made a provocative prediction, which is today more current than ever before. New digital tools and methods change the traditional workflow of historical research. One of these methods is the Social Network Analysis, which has experienced a considerable upswing in historical research during the last years. The talk will discuss some methodological aspects and it will introduce into some recent research studies in this field. A special emphasis will also be put on the question, how we can gather the data required for network studies in a more efficient way. Our vision for the future is the development of a Collaborative Open Research Environment for the Humanities („Core-H“) which will support the process of historical research in its whole extent.

This seminar is presented by Robert Gramsch of University of Jena.


  • 26 May 2021, 12-13.30h
  • Location: online (Teams)
  • Contact: sebastien.de.valeriola@ulb.be & andrea.penso@vub.be
  • Language: English


  • Registration period: before 24 mei 2021

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