Preparing for AI Adoption in Mainstream Practice

4 May 2021, 9h
Digital dialogue, GE Healthcare op HIMSS

Personalized medicine, predictive analytics, image analysis, augmented reading, accelerated drug discovery, real-time processing and integration of wearable data into a more complete view of the patient: the promises of AI to help improve clinical, operational and financial outcomes are vertiginous. Is adoption in mainstream practice following the pace of technology advances? What can we do to better prepare the clinical environment for this revolution and accelerate implementations?

In this digital dialogue, focusing on practical use cases and innovative approaches, health and technology experts will discuss the opportunities but also the challenges we need to address to unleash the full power of AI: structuring and fluidifying data to activate collection and sharing across departments and organizations; seamlessly integrating AI applications in clinical workflows by orchestrating a variety of clinical applications on a vendor-neutral approach; measuring efficiency and outcome improvements, and sharing best practices of AI integrations in mainstream care.

Learning Points:

  1. Identify breaks and discuss strategies to accelerate the mainstream adoption of AI solutions in imaging workflows.
  2. Discuss the importance of structured, high-quality and interoperable information in fuelling impactful collaborations across departments and organizations.
  3. Discover innovative approaches and real-world initiatives that are currently accelerating AI implementations.


  • Dr. Claire Bloomfield, CEO NCIMI UK
    Bio info: Dr. Claire Bloomfield is the CEO the UK National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging (NCIMI) at the University…View more
  • Karley Yoder, VP & GM, artificial Intelligence, GE Healthcare, USA
    Bio info: Karley is the Vice President & GM for AI at GE Healthcare. In this role, she spearheads AI strategy, product…View more
  • Dr. Felix Nensa, Radiologist, University Hospital, Essen, Germany
    Bio info: Dr. Felix Nensa is a consultant radiologist at the University Hospital Essen and group leader at the Institute for…View more
  • Dr. Charles Alessi, Chief Clinical Officer, HIMSS, UK
    Bio info: Dr. Charles Alessi is a globally recognized and trusted leader in health care. He brings to HIMSS a wealth of…View more


  • 4 May 2021, 9h
  • Location: online

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