Solving Public Problems with Data

online lectures
the Governance Lab

An Introduction to Data Science and Data Analytical Thinking in the Public Interest.

A Series of Online Lectures by Leading Experts from the Governance Lab

Some of the lectures:

  • Machine Learning Applications for the Public Sector – Gideon Mann
  • Introduction to Evidence-Based Decision-Making: Examples in Economic Development – Quentin Palfrey
  • Data Analytical Thinking and Methods I: How to Define a Research Question and Introduction to Statistical Approaches to Draw Interference – Julia Lane
  • Data Analytical Thinking and Methods II: Correlation, Causation and Decision-Making – Daniel Goroff
  • Discovering and Collecting Data: Practical Advice for Government Managers- Carter Hewgley
  • Platforms and Where to Store the Data? – Arnaud Sahuguet
  • Barriers to Building a Data Practice in Government – Beth Blauer
  • Data Collaboratives: Creating Public Value by Exchanging Data – Stefaan Verhulst
  • Strengthening a Data Analytical Culture – Amen Ra Mashariki


  • online lectures
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