The Power of AI for your Industry

13 October 2021
Mashup by case workshop
Leuven MindGate

You will bring the content, talking about your issues and past experiences with AI – both positive and negative (cases). We will have an expert in the room who can answer more in-depth questions.

The idea of the Leuven MindGate “MachUps by case” is to bring to life the very heart of the Leuven MindGate mission: cross-overs and strength through collaboration. This is part of their programme “On the road to efficiency – the power of Ai for your industry”

ExpertBjarne Desmet (Brain Jam)

AI is the technology buzzword of this decade, and the possibilities seem endless. But, can you put your finger on it? Did you know, for example, that artificial intelligence is not only used in the financial sector and for automation, but also for creative purposes? But, what’s in it for me? Are you curious what AI can do for you?

Triggered to learn more and ready to discuss your challenges about AI with us? Don’t hesitate to join this MashUp with real-life use cases.


  • 13 October 2021, 9-10.30u
  • Location: MoJuice, Ambachtenlaan 8, 3001 Leuven
  • Language: English


  • Cancellation is not possible. Replacement by a colleague is possible if notified in advance by e-mail at
  • Price: max. €30

Ready to get started?

All practical information can be found at the Mashup by Case web page of Leuven MindGate