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VAIA spices up your Tuesday noons with some additional AI flavour. With short presentations from industry, research and policy we will showcase how big the variety in AI applications really is. Experts will explain how they use AI and what possibilities the technology offers. Of course, we don’t shy away from the challenges either. After each presentation you also get the chance to ask your questions in a short Q&A.

With these AI Presentations we want to provide more insight into the AI spectrum. Every seminar offers a taste to further stimulate your appetite for AI. So be sure to attend, VAIA Presents is free and no prior knowledge is expected.

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Lode Lauwaert

AI is often described as a disruptive technology. But what does that mean? Why is that actually said? And is it this statement correct? Is AI really disruptive? Prof. Lode Lauwaert focuses on AI and ethics and investigates whether smart technology creates totally new ethical issues. From an ethical perspective, isn’t AI just old wine in new bottles?

Lode Lauwaert (1981) is professor at the KU Leuven Institute for Philosophy. His interests are situated in current French philosophy, technical philosophy, aggression in all its facets and philosophy of football. He regularly translates philosophy for a wider audience, via readings and media contributions. He recently published the book ‘Wij Robots” (We, Robots) with Lannoo Publishers.

What is the most critical thing you need to get right before you embark on an AI journey? That’s data management. We’ll cover what data management is, and how you can get started with it today.

Maarten Masschelein is co-founder and CEO of Soda , the data monitoring platform that keeps your data fit, verifiable, and trustworthy. He is responsible for the company’s business and product strategy. Prior to co-founding Soda, Maarten was responsible for field operations at Collibra, a unicorn data intelligence company. He holds a master’s in Business Information Management from KU Leuven and a master’s in General Management from the Vlerick Business School. Full bio

The past few years, significant technological advances have been made related to artificial intelligence algorithms that aim at improving quality of care, improving workflow efficiency, or supporting healthcare professionals. Many research institutes, universities and (startup) companies consider the healthcare sector as an attractive market and have invested large amounts into development of state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Despite these large investments, adoption of AI in real clinical practice remains fairly low. Many AI algorithms never leave the research labs or fail to pass regulatory approvals. This webinar will not only cover the potential that AI holds for use in healthcare applications, it will also discuss in detail the learnings and common challenges to bring an AI algorithm from a lab environment to broad clinical deployment.

As the Healthcare’s Vice President Technology & Innovation at Barco, Tom Kimpe defines the technology roadmap and strategy of Barco and coordinates worldwide research activities in the company’s Healthcare Division. He holds an engineering degree in computer science and a PhD in electrical engineering from University of Ghent, Belgium. In 2010, he finalized a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Vlerick Management School. He is an expert in (medical) display technology, image and signal processing, image quality modelling, network technology and medical regulatory aspects. Tom is coordinating all research and innovation activities for Barco’s Healthcare Division and is steering an international team of engineers.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. It might not surprise that AI-related claims are also becoming more frequent. For example, reference can be made to accidents caused by autonomous motor vehicles or a medical-diagnostic AI system that performs an incorrect operation during an operation. The question arises as to who can and should be held liable for such damage. In this webinar, Dr Jan De Bruyne will demonstrate in an accessible manner how the unique properties of AI are challenging the application of traditional concepts in current extra-contractual liability law.

Jan De Bruyne is a research expert at CiTiP KU Leuven on liability law and AI, and active within the Flemish Knowledge Centre for Data & Society. He is the editor of Autonome motorvoertuigen: een multidisciplinair onderzoek naar de maatschappelijke impact” (Vanden Broele, 2020), “Artificiële intelligentie en Maatschappij” (Gompel&Svacina, 2021) and “Artificial intelligence and the law” (Intersentia, 2021). Full bio

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to the vast amounts of industrial data created by systems, sensors, and assets can be a game-changer for optimizing your industrial operations. Machine Learning from Amazon Web Services helps you to quickly and easily transform data into insights which you can use to proactively optimize industrial processes and supply chain operations, enable predictive maintenance to increase uptime, or monitor quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

Michel Haorau is an AI/ML specialist solution architect at Amazon Web Solutions (AWS) who alternates between a data scientist and machine learning architect, depending on the moment. He is passionate about bringing the power of AI/ML to the shop floors of his industrial customers and has worked on a wide range of ML use cases, ranging from anomaly detection to predictive product quality or manufacturing optimization. LinkedIn Bio

Digital photos are everywhere. Everyone takes them, posts them online and looks at them. They are a translation of reality into coloured pixels. This form allows a computer to learn to see what is in a picture, but does it look at it like we do?

Prof. Dr. Ann Dooms is in charge of the Digital Mathematics Research Group at VUB. She specializes in cybercriminality, focusing on the detection of falsified pictures and art. She was elected member of the IEEE Technical Committee in Information Forensics and Security and won several prizes for education, research and science communication. VUB Bio Discover also her articles for EOS.

Ann Dooms’ Recommendations

ML6 analyzed and processed in near-real time, soccer game stream feeds. Ml6 developed an intelligent application that can determine events (start of game, team detection, player tracking, ball tracking) and perform analytics on these videos (duration, ball possession, score…).

a master of science in engineering, computer science engineering at UGent. LinkedIn Bio

How can the best cars in the world win from each other in a F1 race? By continuously getting a tiny bit better. This is why F1 cars are equipped with hundreds of sensors which are then gathered and analysed in real-time by infrastructure of DELL Technologies in order to improve the performance even more.

Tom Olislagers is leading the Presales Solutions Architecture teams at Dell Technologies in Belgium and Luxembourg. He is all about establishing and maintaining strategic vision, driving innovation, and delivering integrated and persuasive thought leadership. His domain of interest and expertise ranges from data management to blockchain, to artificial intelligence. As an economist by education and having a post-graduate degree in IT Management, he is focused on creating business value. He is proud to be a continuous learner for 20+ years across a diverse range of topics. LinkedIn Bio

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