Lifelong Learning Program

on demand
at the VUB AI Experience Center, or your own location

What impact does AI have on society and ethics?
What value can AI bring to a business?
How do I implement AI into my project?

The VUB Artificial Intelligence Research Group offers an education program for professionals, providing training and coaching ot non-academic professionals who need to work with AI in their daily lives.

They help you formulate your own opinion by explaining to you what AI is and sharing with you in-depth information on applications of today. They can also show you the projected role of humans in the future development of AI technology. 

They can help you establish your niche by drafting a roadmap specific to your operations and anticipative of tech trends. They have the tools to assess the AI maturity of your company objectively, trace out its market potential and identify obstacles in your future business development.

If you need in-depth technical help, they can help you implement algorithms, perform data analysis and verify the scientific rigour of your AI architecture.

Their program consists of several modules:

  • Introductory Lecture
  • Tailor-Made Seminar + Q&A
  • Hands-On Technical Training
  • Tutorials for your technical staff
  • Research in residence
  • Consulting Call


  • on demand
  • Location: AI Experience Center, or your own location
  • Language: English

Ready to get started?

All practical details can be found at the Lifelong Learning website of the VUB Artificial Intelligence Research Group.